New Introductory Commission terms

Effective from 1st April 2018

First Merchant will pay a single introductory commission of 1.00% of the loan granted on new cases submitted from 1st April 2018. This commission will be paid to the introducer when the client(s) draws down our loan facility.   We will not pay commission on any future loans that we grant to the same introduced borrower.

First Merchant pay introductory commission from their own resources and neither add this commission to their loan nor deduct the commission from their loan so the payment does not affect the client(s) loan contract.

First Merchant

We work closely with numerous professionals such as Hospitality Agents, Chartered Accountants, IFAs, Solicitors, Commercial Finance Brokers etc.

Business Finance Seminars

We hold Special Finance Seminars regularly for new and established Introducers.

Life Insurance

We will require Life Insurance to be effected on all Borrowers’ lives which cover must be on risk prior to legal completion of the loan.

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