London Hotels

London’s Short Leasehold Boutique Hotels

London’s boutique hotels have enjoyed exceptionally high occupancy levels over the past few years owing to the increased demand from more discerning guests who want to experience the unique atmosphere of a bijou hotel in the Capital.

The relentless demand from buyers all over the world who want to acquire these affordable leaseholds, compared to impossibly priced freeholds, has created a short supply of prime location properties with a resultant rise in values.

London tourism increases every year and the recent Brexit Effect on Sterling has made the Capital a much more affordable destination and within the reach of many people who could not previously visit this most fabulous city in the world.

First Merchant will fund the purchase, refurbishment or financial restructure of all short leasehold boutique hotels in London with fast release of funds to accommodate challenging situations.

Please contact us with your case and we will provide you with an immediate reliable decision on the transaction.

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